JAGUAR XK120 'Bubble'

Jaguar returned to the Jabbeke Highway in Belgium in October 1953 with a much modified XK120. All body trim was removed, including the headlamps, which became air-ducts for the carburettors. A Perspex blister was bolted over the driver to improve airflow. Hence the nickname 'Bubble'.

 Norman Dewis, Chief Test Driver, perched precariously on a cushion (no drivers seat), complained he couldn't see over the scuttle. "You don't need to", he was told, "you're only going in a straight line".

Norman set a blistering time on his outward run, but 'turn round time' didn't allow the bubble to be unbolted to give Norman a breather before blasting back. Suffering from heat exhaustion, fume inhalation and almost asphyxiated, Norman was lifted from the car having set an incredible average for the two way run of 172.412mph, the ultimate Jabbeke record.

The speed was so great that tha authorities banned further speed tests, marking the end of the era of record-breaking on the Jabbeke Highway.


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The sculpture measures 180mm in length and weighs approximately 650g. It is cast in solid LM6 aluminium, hand polished and presented in a bespoke wooden  box.


Together with a certificate of authentication, included in the box is a miniaturised copy of the official speed record certificate issued to Norman by the Royal Automobile Club de Belgique.

Each piece is numbered and signed by Norman Dewis and artist Robin Bark

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