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I have always drawn and made things and I have always been fascinated by cars;
the style. the movement and the energy.

I studied Design at art school in South Africa and went into advertising. My first job was drawing cars and designing motor sport ads and posters.

 Later, in the UK, I returned to university to study ceramic sculpture at Goldsmiths College, London.

Before getting married, I practiced as a free-lance designer, and took private motoring art commissions.
When we started a family, I needed a regular job, so I taught Design in schools, colleges and at university which kept me fully occupied for a number of years.

When the children grew up I returned to my passion; sculpting, drawing and painting things that move,
as well as restoring, driving and riding them
whenever possible.

I began showing my first pieces at club events and motor shows in England and quite soon began to gain an international audience.

A high point came in 2013 when the Ford Motor Company asked me to make a sculpture to celebrate 50 YEARS of the Mustang.
It was a wonderful opportunity and the people at Ford were very good to me. They gave me a great deal of support and a great deal of publicity.

I took my work to California that year for Monterey Car Week, Pebble Beach. It was an amazing time and I met many interesting people.

I met up with Bob Bondurant (ex Cobra driver)who signed a sculpture of the AC Cobra that was auctioned for charity at the Sante Fe Concorso in New Mexico.

I had made a sculpture of the 'Bubble' Jaguar for Jeff Lotman who was showing his beautifully restored car at The Quail. He had invited Norman Dewis over, who had set the speed record in the car on the Jabbeke Highway in 1953.

Norman agreed to sign an edition of the 'Bubble' and I accompanied him to several events where he entertained Jaguar audiences with the wonderful stories of his career a. He also publicised the edition.

In later years, shortly before he died, I visited Norman at his home where he signed another edition; the two XK120 record breakers, 1949 (HKV 500) and the 'Bubble (1953).

I was also invited to visit the Caroll Shelby Organisation in LA. for a tour of the work shops and a viewing of Caroll Shelby's personal car collection.

I returned to California for several consecutive years, showing at both Automobilia and RetroAuto.

As well as cars, I have made a couple of motorcycle sculptures. One of them is of Paul Smart who famously won the Imola 200 for Ducati in 1972.
Paul agreed to sign an edition of my Ducati sculpture. I made them in batches and, as he lived fairly close by, he would hop on one of his Ducatis and pop over to me, or I would nip over to him, where he and his wife, Maggie (Barry Sheen's sister), would regail me with stories of those wonderful years. It was such a shock when he was tragically killed riding his Ducati on a lovely, sunny day in Sussex.
He was a lovely man.
A fast gentleman.

I felt very honoured when Gordon Murray, designer of world championship F1 cars
and the McLaren F1 roadcar, bought
my painting of Piquet in the Brabham BT52.
I was further touched when he willingly agreed to sign a 10 print edition of the painting.

Over the last decade I have shown extensively both in The UK and in Europe.
I was a 'regular' at both TechnoClassica in Essen, Germany and also at Retromobile in Paris for a number of years.

I have shown regularly at the
UK Classic Car Show at the NEC
and also at the London Classic Car show.

Although I have have slowed a little since those heady days, I still show my work every year at 
and also at the Members Meetings.
(Goodwood is only an hour's drive away).

My work has been exhibited each year at the RAC 'Art of Motoring' exhibition since it's inception in 2015.

In 2022 the exhibition was moved from the RAC clubhouse to Southeby's Gallery in New Bond Street, London. and so, will in future, be open to the public.

I live with my wife (and dog) in East Sussex, England.
When I have time, I like to tinker with my old machines. I also enjoy the occassional bit of landscape painting.


To contact Robin:


+44 (0) 7767 824633




Paul on the famous Ducati.
He signed an edition of my Ducati sculpture.





The famous mural

Part of Carol Shelby's personal collection.

Signing a limited edition of my painting of his BT 52
Bob Bondurant
at Cannery Row

AC Cobra he signed

Norman Dewis (OBE)
with the Bubble Jaguar edition
he signed.
 Monterey 2013



Paul and Maggie Smart
with his IMOLA 200 trophy

After a great deal of research and many drawings,
I start work in clay. The work is then cold cast into resin.
I continue working on the resin, painting and polishing to
ensure the reflections will work as they should.
This will eventaully be used to make a master pattern
from which the sand moulds will be made.


Multi-part moulds are made in fine resin-bound sand for the
metal casting. This is delicate and time-consuming work
and every casting requires an individual mould to be made.
The mould is destroyed by the casting process.


The metal is heated to around 720 degrees centigrade
and then carefully poured into the mould boxes.
After several hours, the moulds are broken open
and work begins on the raw casting.


Each piece is carefully fettled by hand, polished and then
worked again to prepare it for final polishing, or plating.
Depending on the complexity of the piece, this can take
several hours to complete.


The work is then heavily plated in copper and
before the final finish is applied,
it is worked again by hand to ensure
that I've removed even the smallest imperfections.

It's an enormous amount of work, but it's very gratifying.

When I have time, I also enjoy painting, designing other things
and playing with my old cars and motorcycles!




Video demo

Norman with the
Bubble sculpture
at Alexander Palace